We’ve compiled a quick list of Uber etiquette to help you secure a great rating and enjoy the smoothest rides possible

If you are just dipping your toe into the seemingly ubiquitous world of Uber, you may be surprised to learn that as a passenger you get a rating. Your passenger rating tells drivers what type of passenger you are and ultimately determines whether they decide to pick you up.

Because it is in your best interest to have a good rating, we’ve compiled a quick list of Uber etiquette to help you secure a great rating and enjoy the smoothest rides possible.

1. Give Your Driver Five Stars

If everything goes well with your ride, don’t skimp, give your driver a full five-star rating. According to Business Insider, anything below a 4.7 rating can cause an Uber driver’s account to be deactivated. You don’t want to be the cause of someone losing their job when they got you safely to your destination.  

2. Yes, Tips are Welcome

Even though tips are not required according to Uber’s official policy, your driver is looking to get one. Because the Uber app does not currently provide an option for tipping, many Uber drivers offer passengers the option to tip using a Square credit card reader if they don’t have cash on hand. How much should you tip? Think of Uber drivers like you would a taxi driver. The standard for tipping taxi drivers is between 10 and 20 percent.

3. Be Ready To Go

Nothing can cause your passenger rating to dip more than keeping your driver waiting. With Uber, your fare doesn’t start until you enter the vehicle so while your driver is sitting and waiting he or she is not making money. If you know you will be delayed, use Uber’s in-app feature to call or text your driver.

4. Don’t Cancel at the Last Minute

Cancelling a ride when your driver is already in route costs your driver time, money and effort. Not only are they taking the time to plan their route for your ride, they are also giving up other fare opportunities to pick you up. Keep in mind, Uber reserves the right to charge a $10 fee if you cancel your ride more than five minutes after scheduling it. 

5. Don’t Play Loud Music

It’s nice that Uber has integrated Spotify into its cars allowing passengers to play their favorite playlists while en route. But, that doesn’t mean your driver wants to hear you blast hip hop the entire way. Be considerate and keep in mind that loud music can be a distraction for your driver.

6. Don’t Touch the Controls Without Permission

Remember, this is your driver’s personal vehicle so don’t go turning knobs and dials without asking first. One of the top pet peeves Uber drivers report is passengers “fiddling with their stereo systems without asking” according to the UberPeople forum. 

7. Don’t Eat & Drink in the Car

Again, you are in the driver’s personal vehicle so respect the cleanliness of their interior by avoiding eating and drinking until you arrive at your destination.

Now that you are well-versed in Uber etiquette, you are ready to start enjoying the benefits of ridesharing. One last safety tip, before you ride make sure your driver is properly insured with a rideshare policy that will cover your injury or personal property damage should an accident occur while you are a passenger. 

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