Our life insurance products can protect you and your family.

Protecting your home investment

Term life insurance is more affordable and offers a more attractive benefit than so-called mortgage insurance which some lenders will try to sell you.

As you pay down your mortgage, your term benefit remains level, and protects you for the length of the mortgage and beyond if needed.

Mortgage insurance is not portable. If you re-mortgage your home with a different lender, you have to start all over with a new policy. Not so with Term insurance. It protects for the duration even if you change lenders.

Protecting your family

The most common employee benefit plans include a group life insurance coverage based on 2 times the individual’s annual salary. Is it enough?

If you died suddenly, what would be left for your family to pay? Debts? Mortgage? Childcare? Education? Income replacement? Elder care? Make sure your family will always have enough to maintain their standard of living.

Protecting your estate

If you own anything you have an estate. And if that estate is subject to capital gains tax, you may end up leaving your heirs a mess of taxes to pay. Your benevolent bequest becomes an unintended burden.

Insurance can be purchased that will pay the taxes on capital assets being transferred to family members.

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