Welcome to your Home and Auto Group Insurance Plan!

We have been providing group solutions since 1984 and are pleased to offer you special home, auto, cottage, recreational vehicle, watercraft and other personal insurance products and services. 

Because you are an associate of Coca-Cola Refreshments Canada you have access to preferred rates and professional advice from our experienced insurance brokers.

We also offer custom solutions and discounts for high value properties. 
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Even if your current insurance doesn’t expire for a while, email or call the number below that’s closest to where you live.


Toronto and area: 416-489-5570
Rest of Ontario: 1-800-953-0999
Outside of Ontario: 1-877-787-7021
Alberta: 1-888-990-9217


Your group plan benefits include:

  • Flexible payment options including No Fee monthly payments

  • Claims counselling

  • MyMills mobile app & client portal for instant access to all your policy information


Free Concierge services

As part of your personal property insurance policy with the group plan you will have access to free Concierge services including:

Talk to a lawyer
Monday - Friday 9am - 8pm

Get a referral for a reputable tradesperson
24 hrs a day

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Contact us and get a taste of what your new insurance plan can do for you.