Commuting Safely on Your Bike

Summer is a great time to commute to work on your bike. Of course, before you do, it’s important to brush up on your bicycle safety basics to ensure your daily ride goes as smoothly as possible.

Here are some things you can do to enjoy a fun and healthy ride to and from work.

1. Check your equipment

Remembering to check the ABCs will keep you safe while riding. A stands for air. Make sure your tires have enough. The manufacturer’s recommended PSI should be on the side of the tire. B stands for brakes. Give them a quick test to make sure they are working. C is for chain. Make sure it’s clean and properly lubricated.

2. Follow the rules of the road

Bikes are bound by the same stop lights and street signs as other vehicles. Remember, when you’re on the bike, pedestrians still have the right of way.

3. Ride predictably

Let the drivers in the other vehicles on the road know your intentions by using proper hand signals to turn.

4.Ride defensively

Sadly, most drivers aren’t looking for bikers. Some, are even intolerant of sharing the road with bikers. So, take care to ride out of dangerous blind spots.

5. Light up your bike

For safety, and to make yourself more visible to drivers, use a white light on the front and a red one on the back.

6. Wear comfortable clothing

Sweat-wicking clothing that fits loosely enough to offer a full range of motion, yet not so loosely it gets caught in your bike chain, can make your bike ride more comfortable.

7. Add a Basket

It’s challenging to pedal with a bag strapped to your body. Although adding a basket may seem corny for some riders, you’ll be glad you added it to help transport your bags or groceries.

As always, if you have insurance questions about your bicycle coverage when commuting to work, talk to a broker to learn more.

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