Teen Learning to Drive

Your teen is now licensed to drive.  You may be nervous to let them drive on their own or perhaps a bit relieved that you no longer have to chauffeur them around.  

It’s now time to add them onto to your policy as an occasional driver or, depending on your circumstances, you may even be helping your teen save up to get a vehicle of their own so they can have some independence.

Some Considerations  

Insurance premiums for teen drivers are expensive because Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of teen death in Canada. There are several reasons that teens are involved in more crashes causing death and injury in this country including speeding, distracted driving, inexperience, overconfidence and impaired driving. 

Driving is a privilege and a responsibility and Driver Education plays an extremely important role in helping teens be better prepared for driving responsibly without supervision.  This is why insurance companies reward drivers who complete Drivers Education programs with lower premiums!  A comprehensive Drivers Ed program can be the equivalent to 3 years of driving experience.  Furthermore, some insurance companies give additional discounts for some of the most reputable programs, and some give better rates to young drivers with good grades in school.  

The graduated licensing system in Ontario was implemented as part of an effort to lower the death toll and injuries to new drivers by introducing teens to the road gradually in an environment that reduces some of the risks and distractions that young drivers may face.

Ensure that you and your teen fully understand the restrictions under each level of G1 and G2 licenses to help keep them safe!

If your teen is going moving out of the house to attend college or university away from home you may qualify for significantly reduced rates depending on the distance they are from home and the frequency they will be back home to visit and drive.

If your teenager is considering getting their own vehicle call us for quotes and advice before you buy. 

Older vehicles are not necessarily “cheaper” to insure. There is a lot more to consider when selecting a car for your teen that will help keep them safe and fit with your budget.

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