Your bags are packed and you are ready to start your vacation!  You have probably made sure your passport is up-to-date, you have the right clothing, someone to look after your pet, but what about insurance?  

Below are a few examples of things to consider before you get in a car or board a plane, train, bus or boat for your next vacation.

  • If you own a home and are going to be away for more than 4 consecutive days during the heating season, many insurance companies require that you either shut off your water supply and drain your pipes or, have a responsible person check the house (inside) and out, daily! Coming home to a house full of water due to a frozen or cracked pipe is not fun! Talk to us about ways you can protect your home while you are away travelling at any time of year to reduce the likelihood of a claim

  • It is common to take photos of your vacation and post them on social media sites but it is best to wait until you return home to share those happy pictures. Posting photos of your family vacation while away alerts others that your home is empty!

  • If you are renting a car on your trip check to see if your current policy will extend coverage to the rental vehicle. This could save you some money on the cost of the rental but you must check with your broker to see about limitations to territory, value and type of vehicles that apply to this coverage extension.

  • Thinking about renting your property out through AIRBNB or a similar site to help pay for the trip? Your insurance company needs to know if you are planning on this as it could impact your premium and coverage.

What about Emergency Travel Coverage?  

Do you have adequate coverage for you and your family if you have a medical emergency outside of the province or country?  The cost of a medical emergency away from home can be financially devastating if you do not have adequate protection.  You may have coverage as part of your employee benefits plan but if not, talk to us about options for travel insurance.  Some insurance companies will add travel coverage to your home, condo or tenants insurance for a competitive rate allowing multiple trips per year! Or, it might make more sense to purchase a single trip policy.   We can help find the right solution for you.

Going on a Road trip? 

Be sure to take steps to try and avoid any roadside emergencies and be prepared if they do happen

  • Check tire pressure and oil

  • If travelling in winter ensure you have snow tires

  • Have an emergency kit in the vehicle at all times including first aid, flashlight, snacks and in winter, blankets, shovel, road salt and scraper

  • Purchase Emergency Roadside Assistance Coverage – you may have this for the first few years that you own or lease a new vehicle from the manufacturer. If not, contact us to discuss as some insurance companies offer Emergency Roadside Assistance such as tow service, fuel delivery, lockout and trip planning as an additional coverage on your auto insurance policy!

Questions? Contact us to talk about your travel plans and ensure you are prepared for a worry-free trip!

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