3 Smartphone Apps to Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

Show your teen how tech savvy you really are by recommending these three driver-friendly apps.

If you’re feeling a little nervous about your newly licensed teen getting behind the wheel of the family car this summer, you are not alone. Thousands of Canadian parents admit to feeling the exact same way, and for good reason. Young drivers are the victims in 24% of all auto-related fatalities according to Transport Canada.

That alarming statistic doesn’t mean you should keep your teen from exploring the open road. Instead, give them the tools they need to stay as safe as possible when they’re in the driver’s seat.

You can show your teen how tech savvy you really are by recommending these three driver-friendly apps. They’re all free to download and compatible with iOS and Android phones.

1. Google Maps

Knowing how to get where you’re going is the first step to making it there safely. Navigation apps like Google Maps help ensure that your teen never has to worry about getting lost or missing an important exit. And, thanks to voice-guided directions, your teen can keep their eyes on the road while listening to turn by turn instructions. Just be sure to remind your teen to program their route before they start driving.

2. DriveSafe.ly

As tempting as it might be for your teen to answer a call or respond to a text while driving, it is extremely dangerous to do so. That doesn’t mean young drivers have to drive around disconnected from friends and family. Apps like DriveSafe.ly help teens  reading the text messages and emails aloud to drivers real time and automatically responds without drivers touching the mobile phone, disabling your teen’s ability to use the phone for calling, texting, or apping while the car is moving.   

3. Gas Buddy

Your teen can track down the cheapest gas in Canada using an app like Gas Buddy. This highly rated app uses current location to generate a listing of the most affordable places to fill up. Your teen can even earn Gas Buddy rewards, like free gas, by reporting and updating gas prices at stations they visit.

Your teen’s smartphone doesn’t have to be a driving distraction.

These three apps show it can actually be a useful resource that keeps them informed and safe on the road. As your insurance broker, we encourage you to talk to your teen today about installing one or more of these trusted apps.

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